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Learn about reproduction

Mare Management and Breeding Services

• Artificial Insemination

• Sub-fertility diagnostics and treatments

• Uterune culture, sensitivity and cytology

• Year-round boarding ​

Stallion Services

• Cooled semen collection and shipping

• Frozen semen processing, shipping, and storage

• Semen freezing

Assisted Reproduction Technology

• Follicle aspiration and oocyte collection for

intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Embryo Flush and Transfer

• Most competitive pricing in Louisiana

• Recipient mare management

• Large recipient mare herd for embryo transfers

Foaling Services

• 24-hour foal watch

• Neonatal care including IgG analysis and

plasma administration

Sales Fitting and Preparation

• Specializing in fitting yearlings for LQHBA 

and Heritage Place

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